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Air Ventilation and Heating Systems
20 years in Brazil .

Our Company

Brunnschweiler Latina has been established in Brazil in 1996. Its headquarter is located in Marilia-SP, Brazil, and the company operates mainly in the Latin American market. With Italian origin and Swiss founders, Brunnschweiler has its own technology and solid experience in the pulp and paper business, as well as several products and services offerings for other industries. The 70-years know-how for ventilation and drying systems allows Brunnschweiler to supply heavy-duty equipment, such as: industrial fans, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, cyclones, tanks, ductworks, dampers, silencers, and others.

Based on a high performance and experienced team, Brunnschweiler is able to successfully attend the highest demands from its customers.
Since 2010, Brunnschweiler Latina is an independent company, with shares divided between the Brunnschweiler family and the local administrators.

The company follows a strict quality program, led by the ISO 9001:2008 certification, granted since 2006. Its main focus is to offer the highest quality products and services, supported by high technology and competitive prices.
The long-term relationship with its customers is the proof of trust built along the years, as well as products and services reliability. Brunnschweiler supports and promote constantly the construction of a solid stakeholder chain among its commercial and productive processes.

Its own installations include 17.500m2 of ground area, 5.630m2 of workshop and 800m2 of offices. Brunnschweiler Latina has around 200 employees, as well as commercial representatives in different countries from Latin America.

You are more than welcome to contact us and visit our company. It will be a pleasure to receive you here!

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